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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free quote and on-site assessment?
Yes we do.  For the larger jobs, e.g. office relocations and corporate relocations, we will always turn up on-site, assess the job, and provide a written quote.  For many smaller jobs, i.e. moving a few specific items, we simply provide a quote over the phone when you book the job.

Do your provide your services out-of-hours or in the weekend?
Yes we do.  For all jobs, we undertake the job at a time that is convenient for you.  For some businesses it may mean working prior to the start of the day, or being on-site after most staff have finished for the day.  For many larger office and corporate relocation jobs, we often are requested to undertake the job over a nominated weekend. 

Do you have range of trucks suitable for both small and large jobs?
We have a modern fleet of trucks of various sizes and capacity.  As part of our commitment to providing a cost-effective service we select the optimum sized vehicle for each respective job. 

Do you unplug and move all our computer equipment as part of any required move?
Yes we do.  We will unplug your computer equipment, pack in a safe and careful way, and then unpack your PC at its new nominated workstation.  We unpack your equipment fully and have it laid out on your desk ready for your IT personnel to complete the final stage of installation.

Do you do odd jobs like removing surplus equipment?
We do a range of odd jobs for many small businesses.  This includes taking unwanted furniture and equipment to auction, recycling stations, or to the local landfill. 

Are your staff security cleared and Site Safe approved?
Yes all our staff are security cleared and our business is Site Safe approved.

Do you offer a handyman service?
Yes we do.  Over the many years that we have been offering our service we have recognised the need to offer a handyman service to help with the many odd jobs that are required as part of any shift or relocation etc.  Our handyman service can help you with dismantling office furniture and cabinets, securing bookshelves to walls, installing, moving or removing security cameras, plus much more.